1. Since he wasn't feeling well, he decided to stay home and not go to school.
In example "c" since means because.
now that
  1. Now that the semester is finished, I'm going to rest a few days and then take a trip.
In example "d" now that means because now. Now that is used for present and future situations.
Realiza los siguientes ejercicios con la informacion de la tabla que acabas de copiar.

Exercise 1
Directions: Using the given information, make sentences using now that.
1. Jose used to take the bus to school, but last week he bought a car. Now he can drive to school.
Now that Jose has a car, he can drive to school.

2. You just had your sixteenth birthday. Now you can get a driver's license.
Now that you are
3. We have to wear warm clothes. It's winter now.
4. Bob used to live in the dorm, but a couple of weeks ago he moved into an apartment. Now he can cook his own food.
5. Whew! I've finally finished painting the house. Now I can go fishing.

Exercise 2
Directions: Combine the given ideas by using since.

1. Monday is Dan's birthday. Let's give him a party.
2. Monday is a national holiday. All government office will be closed.
3. The guys I live with don't know any Chinese. I have to speak English with them.
4. Oil is an irreplaceable natural resource. We must do whatever we can in order to conserve it.
5. Maria, maybe you could help me with this calculus problem. You're a math major.